Why Use TUNG?

Using a tongue brush is more important than you think.

Clinical research proves that 90% of bad breath comes from gases produced by bacteria on the surface of the tongue! These are the same bacteria and gasses that can lead to gum disease.

The majority of this bacteria, and the debris it feeds upon, was found to be located primarily on the back of the tongue. The TUNG Brush™, the original tongue brush, is designed to allow you to comfortably reach far back on the tongue without gagging.

Treating bad breath by brushing your tongue is healthy for your whole body.

Your tongue’s irregular surface has numerous crevices where bacteria can hide. On top of those crevices, a mucous-like, sticky tongue plaque forms (that white film on the tongue we’re all familiar with). The TUNG Brush bristles are uniquely designed to break through this plaque and get inside those crevices, outperforming your toothbrush, whose bristles are too soft to get the job done, and tongue scrapers.

Tongue scrapers simply slide over the rough surface of your tongue, pushing that nasty film deeper into the crevices. In fact, tongue scrapers can actually damage your tongue.

Our TUNG Gel™ completes the tongue cleaning system. TUNG Gel is formulated with Zinc Oxide to neutralize all that gas emitted by the bacteria. It’s actually these gases that you smell when someone has halitosis, or bad breath. Because it’s healthy for your mouth to have a certain amount of bacteria, we do not use an anti-bacterial agent in the our gel.

“I love the TUNG brush — since I purchased mine, I’ve used it every day — WHAT A DIFFERENCE — AMAZING!! But it’s not just the TUNG brush that’s so great — the gel is fantastic. The taste is great – fresh, clean — not pasty like toothpaste — but SO refreshing. I love my TUNG brush and gel!!” -keys88 on Amazon.com

TUNG Brush and Gel Outperform Mouthwash!

Many mouthwashes contains alcohol which dry out the mouth. A dry mouth creates more even more bacteria and bad breath, which is why we all have bad breath in the morning. Even if the mouthwash does not have alcohol, it can not breakthrough the tongue coating which protects the bacteria in the nooks and crannies. Brushing with TUNG Brush and TUNG Gel is far more effective because the brush breaks through that coating, and the gel, which contains Zinc Chloride, neutralizes the gases produced by the bacteria. Read more about the latest research on mouthwash here.

Dentists and hygienists recommend a tongue brush as an essential component of fresh breath maintenance.

The Science behind TUNG