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What Is TUNG?

About to use the TUNG Brush & Gel for the first time? ​Be prepared to be a user for life.

It’s addictive. That’s what the vast majority of our customers tell us about our products. Take our challenge: use it for 10 days every day and tell us honestly if that is not true!

The TUNG Brush™

Specifically designed by a dentist for the anatomy of the tongue, the short, firm bristles effectively and comfortably work through the sticky tongue plaque that forms

over the irregular surface of the tongue penetrating the crevices and removing bacteria.The low profile and large head design allows for quick and efficient cleansing on the back portion of the tongue without gagging.

It’s Quick and Easy!

Begin by running your TUNG Brush under warm water. After placing a bean-sized amount of TUNG Gel on the bristles, extend your tongue and lightly brush the tongue from the back toward the front for approximately 10 seconds.

Tip: After you brush and spit, extend your tongue again, take a deep breath and brush the back portion of the tongue quickly and spit again.

It is entirely up to you to determine how much pressure should be placed on the tongue. Go very light at first until your tongue gets used to it. Finally, watch what you spit out…it will be discolored. You won’t believe what you were packing around on your tongue.

For Best Results:
Brush your tongue when you brush your teeth
Replace your brush every three months when you replace your toothbrush

Why Not Just Use Your Toothbrush? ​
Toothbrushes are designed specifically for the teeth and gums and are ineffective for removing bacteria from the tongue.

The long, soft bristles of a toothbrush over-flex and lie flat as they move across the tongue surface, rendering the effort ineffective as the plaque is pushed around rather than removed.

In addition, the narrow, high profile design quickly triggers the gag reflex as it approaches the back of the tongue. The TUNG Brush allows you to comfortably and effectively reach the back of the tongue where the majority of the odor-causing bacteria are located.

To top it off, it is a bad practice to brush your teeth with the same brush that was exposed to the high levels of bacteria on your tongue, because it has the potential to introduce those bacteria to your gums and bloodstream!

Ahhhh TUNG Gel! This completes the TUNG System.

TUNG Gel is a fresh, minty cleansing formula designed to help loosen and remove bacteria from the tongue crevices.

Our Zinc compound helps to neutralize the sulphur gas (what we smell as bad breath) emitted by the bacteria.

Why Not Just Use Your Toothpaste?
Standard toothpastes often contain fluoride, teeth-whitening and tartar control chemicals that may cause tongue irritation. In addition, toothpaste is “sticky” and will gunk up your brush.

When that happens, it provides an environment that is perfect for the growth of bacteria when you’re not using your brush.

Don't go there.

The highly water soluble TUNG Gel rinses clean, leaving no residue buildup on the brush or on your tongue. When finished, it leaves your tongue feeling tingly and your breath fresh.

The Science behind TUNG