Science behind TUNG (Tongue Cleaner)

The Science behind the TUNG Brush & Gel Cleaning System Biofilms: The latest in Dental Research regarding bacteria on the tongue.

Professional researchers have gained a new understanding of bacterial behavior in the mouth and it revolves around Biofilms. These are colonies of tenacious, three dimensional masses of bacteria that are the major contributors to bad breath and periodontal disease located in the nooks and crannies of the tongue.

The importance of Biofilms lies in the fact that due to their genetic and physical makeup, these colonies of bacteria are 1,500 times more tolerant to antibiotics, antibacterial agents and the body’s immune system, than bacteria not in colony form.

Because of their tolerance to chemotherapeutic/antibacterial treatments, as well as their hard to reach location, the latest research recommends mechanical removal as the only effective way to penetrate and break up the mass.

The effectiveness of mouthwashes and antibacterial agents is very limited in the fight against bad breath. They typically provide only a mask to the odor and not a real solution to the problem.

Tongue Cleaning and Overall Health

Periodontal disease or gum disease as it is commonly known, is a condition whereby bacteria a gateway is provided for bacteria to reach the bloodstream in the gumline where the condition occurs. It’s like an open wound in the mouth. In moderate to severe cases, that wound approximates the size of the palm of the hand. It is this event, when bacteria enter the bloodstream that the individual’s overall health is compromised.

Research has shown that periodontal disease is directly linked to a wide variety of serious health conditions such as heart disease, esophageal cancer, early births, diabetes and respiratory complications.

Believe it or not, over 75% of individuals over the age of 35 in the US alone have some form of gum disease. Diabetics are especially at risk. The chances of their condition worsening over time is six times higher if that diabetic has gum disease.

Research shows that the bacteria on the tongue is one of the primary factors directly responsible for the onset of gum disease. Specifically, it’s the sulphur gases, released by the bacteria, that have been shown to be the culprit in the formation of periodontal pockets between the gumline and the teeth. It is in these pockets where even more bacteria collect making the condition worse until the gateway develops for bacteria to enter the circulatory system.

We used to think it was just about bad breath. Think again; your life could depend upon it. So make tongue cleansing a ritual when you brush your teeth and floss. The beauty of TUNG Brush and Gel is that it takes less than 10 seconds to get it right.

We planned it that way…Because It Matters.

Why Not Tongue Scrapers?