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How do I use the TUNG Brush and Gel?

  • Wet the brush with water.
  • Squeeze a small amount of TUNG Gel on to the brush.
  • Extend your tongue and lightly brush from the back of the tongue forward to the tip for approximately 10 seconds. Reach as far back on the tongue as you can without gagging –the more often you use the TUNG Brush the farther you’ll be able to reach.
​Brush your tongue every time you brush your teeth. You’ll notice a difference right away. Do not use the TUNG Brush on teeth or gums. Slight tenderness and/or bleeding may occur at first, but should stop with regular brushing. If either condition continues, stop use and consult your dentist. Excessive brushing may cause soreness.

Should I use toothpaste on my TUNG Brush?

The short answer is “No.” Toothpaste is designed to “polish” your teeth. TUNG Gel is formulated to clean your tongue by neutralizing the bad breath-causing gases bacteria create.

Toothpaste is also much more difficult to rinse off your TUNG Brush. TUNG Gel rinses cleanly away quickly, leaving your TUNG Brush clean for the next time you use it.

What’s wrong with using my toothbrush to clean my tongue?

Your toothbrush is designed to clean your teeth, not your tongue.

The TUNG Brush is specifically designed to effectively clean the tongue. It’s flat and wide, allowing you to reach, without gagging, far back on the tongue where most of the bad breath bacteria lives,. The bristles are designed to reach down into the nooks and crevices to clean out all that gunk on your tongue.

Using the Tung Brush keeps your toothbrush from flattening out, helps eliminate gagging and keeps all that bacteria off your teeth and gums.

Why is the TUNG Brush better than a tongue scraper?

Unlike a scraper or toothbrush, the TUNG Brush is designed specifically for the tongue and its rough, sandpaper-like texture.

The short, firm bristles of the TUNG Brush are designed to penetrate these hard-to-reach areas. The rigid edge of all scrapers skim over the top of the rough surface of the tongue as it cannot penetrate these crevices. This is particularly evident in the posterior sections of the tongue where the rougher textured, taste buds are located. A scraper, drawn over this area is awkward, often hurts and causes bleeding.

As we all know, the toothbrush is a very awkward, uncomfortable and ineffective tool for cleansing the tongue. The long, soft bristles, high profile and narrow head all contribute to its inadequacy for this task. The TUNG Brush, with short, firm bristles along with the low profile and wide head, make the task of cleaning your tongue comfortable and effective. In just 10 seconds, your tongue will be clean and your breath fresh.

Why doesn’t mouthwash offer a long term cure for bad breath?

Over-the counter mouthwashes only disguise bad breath briefly. Studies show that alcohol-based mouthwashes actually contribute to bad breath. The alcohol dries the mucous membranes in the mouth, aggravating existing dry mouth conditions and causing minor sloughing of the cheek lining. This provides food for bacteria and your breath may actually get worse.

What is bad breath?

90% of all bad breath is actually foul smelling gases produced by an overabundance of bacteria on the irregular surface of the tongue. A majority of this bacteria can be found at the back of the tongue.

Why do I have bad breath in the morning?

It’s caused from having a dry mouth. The decrease in salivary flow while you’re sleeping hampers the flushing action of bacteria from the mouth. Dry mouth allows an acidic environment to build up quickly, causing sloughing of the cheek lining and providing food for bacteria.

Is there a link between bad breath and gum disease?

Yes, the same bacteria that causes bad breath causes gum disease. Since there is no way to completely free the mouth of bacteria, keeping the bacteria concentration to a low level should help stop the loss of teeth and maintain fresh breath.

Is there a link between gum disease and heart disease?

Yes, research has shown there is a direct correlation between active periodontal disease and heart disease. Gum disease provides a gateway for bacteria to get in the bloodstream and collect in the chambers around the heart.

Can a cold give me bad breath?

Yes, postnasal drip is nasal fluid that drains from your sinuses down the back of your throat. This nasal fluid provides food for bacteria harboring on the back of the tongue.

What role does stomach gas play in bad breath?

Odors from the stomach almost never cause chronic bad breath. However if there is another medical problem occurring, such as acid reflux or hiatal hernia, gas emitted through the mouth may cause bad breath.

Where can I buy your product in the Philippines?

TUNG Brush & Gel, the world's most effective tongue cleaner, is currently available at SHOPEE, LAZADA, ZALORA, KARTON.PH, UNIMART or check out our ONLINE STORE now!

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